JMK Group – Acquires virtual freehold 229-231 Kensington High Street

The acquisition of the 229 -231 Kensington High Street has finalised this week. It is a terrific addition to JMK`s portfolio. The group currently owns the freehold off 225-227 Kensington High Street. JMK Group has a vision toward growth and innovation.

225 – 231 Kensington High Street (Seraphine Hotel) has made a positive contribution to the area.

JMK has triggered plans to redevelop the existing hotel into a luxury boutique hotel. The planning has been submitted and JMK will work with the local council and surrounding members to deliver a world class hotel. This will enhance guest experience and release the full potential of the asset.

Zain Kajani, Director of the JMK Group said, “We have recently acquired the virtual freehold of 229-231 KHS by converting the short lease of the property to a ‘999 year’ lease. This has made the entire Kensington asset in the portfolio freehold. The asset is a quality zone 1 real estate piece which has great potential being superbly located in the heart of central London. We are looking at a range of asset management options and will redevelop the hotel to offer a better guest experience.’’

JMK Group – Acquires virtual freehold 229-231 Kensington High Street


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