Many organisations say it, but we truly are a people business.

Our staff are the driving force behind the business, working hard each and every day to deliver excellent customer service, extraordinary experiences and portray what we stand for. We encourage our employees to grow with us, offering exciting opportunities and incentives which enable them to develop their career in the hospitality industry. This commitment has enabled us to retain talent and foster a strong work ethic throughout the group.

Our Executive Committee

With a wealth of a experience in the hospitality industry, our board of directors are well equipped to lead the JMK Group in the right direction.

John Kajani

Founder & Chairman

Mawash Kajani

Managing Director

Sonia Kajani


Zain Kajani


Our Team

The driving force behind our business, our close-knit expert team work hard each and every day to deliver success.

Our Advisors

With over 20 years’ experience in the property market, our knowledgeable advisors ensure we are well informed and prepared before making a significant property investment.

Our Brand Partners

Without our incredible brand partners what we do simply wouldn’t be possible. We work in collaboration with all of our partners to develop and execute strategies which satisfy their customers.

Our Service Partners

Made up of interior designers, architects, accountants and lawyers, our service partners ensure business operations continue to run smoothly, no matter what challenges we face.

Dexter Moren Associates
Harold Benjamin
PW Partners
Roberts Nathan
Ward Divecha
A privately owned hospitality group led by industry experts, using innovation and forward thinking to deliver long-term success.