JMK Group Announce Their Commitment to Cleanliness

Safeguarding and taking care of others is who we are and what we do best. The health and safety of our staff, guests, and partners is our top priority as the world goes through this current crisis.

The JMK Group have been prioritising the safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees daily for over 10 years. High standards of hygiene and cleanliness are already a given in all our brands across the UK & I.

As we prepare to re-open our hotels, we will go the extra mile with the implementation of additional hygiene and safety measures that draw on our long-standing experience and best practices.

We want to ensure that all our guests and staff are protected, ensuring they know that they are safe in our hands in our hotels, and revive our natural instincts to travel.

We cannot wait to welcome you back soon! Click the link below to view our commitment to cleanliness.

We are a dynamic, family-run business, confident in our ability to build long-term success and capacity to assemble performance through constant perseverance and hard work.